How to always succeed in business

A commentary by Mary Loncharich Gaskell

Take control — Start making decisions that are right for your business; follow through and make them happen. If Nancy Pelosi can stand up against the president of the United States and demand action for political purpose to improve the conditions in our country, you can as well–for your business. In order to turn the tide, changes must be made. It is not easy, but if you stand tall and believe in ideas, along with commitment you will make a difference.

Performance works — Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a capital consulting firm, stated that sales reps who spend more time with their customers and less time doing “administrative work” perform best for their companies. So by making your sales reps do book breakouts, performance and corporate evaluations, market analyses and workshops, etc., makes as much sense as a long coffee and donuts break. Developing strong relationships within your sales organization and certainly within your trade community will ensure that your reps are knowledgeable, prepared, and representing your company with complete competence.

Come back — Know that everything you do is repetitive, especially in business. Always come back to the basics, remember what you have been taught and what works to be successful. Soar with your strengths. Remember how extremely pertinent it is to build relationships. These preeminent relationships are the “base” of your business. You must be goal oriented; hire or be an ace, a consultant, a star.

Instinct — Being afraid will not make you money. It is like a cat who climbs the tree but is afraid to come down. Instinct always says “be cautious”; reality is, just do it. Know there is a chance you may suffer some consequences, and it might hurt. Part of life is making mistakes; you learn from them, you move on, and your business gains the experience with you. If you do not take a chance, you will never reach optimum goals. In order to move forward in business, be smart, be careful, know you may fall, but take the chance. Follow your instinct.

Life is a negotiation — We are all on this planet for a reason–personally, emotionally, and financially. We cannot live without an income. However, by making smarter decisions through our life’s path, we will flourish. What we see in ourselves, in our children, and in the people around us is the true future of what we can and will accomplish to improve our universe. Turning rivals into friends and achieving our common goals, creating a win/win situation.

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by Mary Loncharich Gaskell

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