GMM Marketing & Media Negotiating Company

Gaskell Media Management negotiates national and local television, cable, radio, outdoor, print and Internet campaigns for numerous clients both locally and nationally.

We have actually negotiated and placed media advertising schedules for the media. Broadcast television, radio stations and cable systems have utilized our services to market their product.

Our negotiators are alumni of some of the largest national media buying services and advertising agencies, such as Saatchi & Saatchi, J. Walter Thompson, Bates USA, Foote, Cone Belding and Grey Advertising. In addition, our experienced staff has worked at major industry media giants, such as Fox, CBS, Comcast and Clear Channel.

Our collective experience over the years includes working with such prestigious accounts as Schneider, Kleinick, Weitz, Damashek & Shoot (The Johnny Cochran Firm), Parker & Waichman and Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, Proctor & Gamble, Panasonic, Citibank, General Foods, Texaco and Buick. We have created successful media campaigns for multiple accounts ranging from Harstan Jewelers, The McCue Mortgage Company, Lime Rock Park Raceway, The Canine Fence Company, The Garden Center Marketing Group, WWYZ-FM Country 92.5 in Hartford, CT and The New Britain Rock Cats.

Electronic media is a highly volatile commodity, subject to market conditions. Costs are based almost entirely on supply and demand. Gaskell Media Management negotiates in this changing marketplace on a day-to-day basis. Our skilled staff will generate the maximum effective delivery available for your media budget. Specifically, our professionals:

  • understand how to use strengths and weaknesses of the specific media;
  • know when a client should use newspaper, television and/or radio; and
  • know the "ins and outs" in the local and national marketplaces.

Opportunistic buys take advantage of highly volatile market conditions and are custom designed to fit our clients' needs.

Your Public Relations Company

Gaskell Media Management introduces new products and fine-tuned promotions for established clients in innovative ways. We "make it happen" in the news for you and your business. Gaskell Media Management delivers memorable and credible information to editors designed to create, enhance and build your image.

Publicity generates new business, as well as informs and communicates with existing customers. It will shape opinion, reinforce an image, and develop credibility. It is a spectacular enhancement to any advertising campaign.

Gaskell Media Management's public relations group works with newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, and cable systems, placing your information and generating excitement. Our skills include publicity, speech writing, newsletters and executive action plans. We will target specific core audiences as well as reach for market fringes. The added benefit of public relations is a "third party endorsement" i.e., if The New York Times says it's so, it must be true!

Let Gaskell Media Management tell your story for you. We have the expertise to create and deliver your message.

Your Value-Added Promotions Company

At Gaskell Media Management we have daily communication with television and radio stations all over the country. This allows us to take advantage of numerous promotional events. These events bring together national, regional and local clients with similar goals and target audiences.

The industry term is "value-added"!

Gaskell Media Management's staff is experienced in all aspects of co-op advertising. We use co-op programs to enhance budgets and stretch campaigns for our clients.

We also create our own award-winning promotions to enhance our customers' advertising campaigns.

We are well-known specialists in the entire Northeast for value-added and promotional advertising. Many of our value-added cross promotions have set sales records, broadened geographic trade areas and created new consumer awareness - all within budgetary frameworks established by our clients.

Your Resource Company

Gaskell Media Management is your choice for corporate, consumer and community communications. We are a total communications company. We offer media negotiation, public relations, marketing and creative services.

The Gaskell Media Management team has hands-on experience in:

  • Media Negotiations
  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Commercial Syndication

We have the ability to provide a full menu of agency services at the best prices. Each segment of your campaign is considered a special project. Most importantly, our clients do not keep paying for a service after we stop providing it. You only pay for the services you utilize.

Gaskell Media Management will generate competitive bids on all production assignments, promotional campaigns and public relations projects. We provide our clients with the best solutions to each clients' advertising challenges, at the best price.

Have you ever heard any ad agency say that?

Your Commercial Syndication Company

Through successful joint ventures, Gaskell Media Management markets television, radio and print advertising campaigns to advertisers across the country.

In consultation with our creative staff, we set pricing, identify target prospects and conduct direct mail and telemarketing campaigns to potential campaign prospects.

Valuable insights and knowledge relating to a specific industry's marketing challenges are explored and developed. This strengthens each member of the network, as Gaskell Media Management facilitates the sharing of advertising successes on a national basis.

Utilizing Gaskell Media Management's Syndication Services, we are able to greatly reduce advertisers' costs for production. National quality broadcast commercials and print advertising artwork are provided at a fraction of the cost rather than for an advertiser to develop them on their own.

Your Creative Source Company

Gaskell Media Management offers our clients an opportunity to get involved in the creative process, while maintaining hands-on control to ensure the best results for our clients.

Starting with the initial brainstorming (right through) to the finished product, we create a conduit for including our clients' invaluable insights and experiences. We always seek competitive bids to ensure that all production costs are kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

The Gaskell Media Management creative cooperative utilizes an award-winning pool of freelance talent, as well as staff members with years of expertise. Whether it's radio, film, video or interactive productions, Gaskell Media Management guarantees the most effective creative and the most efficient production for all our clients. Those who utilize our creative services get the results they need at the best prices available.

Our creative philosophy primarily revolves around use of the electronic media. We believe television, cable and radio have consistently proven to be the best way to reach consumers, generate sales, and seize share of voice and market share.

We are your results company!

Gaskell Media Management's unique combination of abilities allows us to combine any or all of the diversified elements of advertising to generate successful sales for your organization.

We generate traffic, introduce and establish new products and services, create awareness and craft effective and award-winning commercial messages, all based on our clients' needs. We utilize some of the top producers and production houses in the industry.

Clients pay only for the services they receive and get only those services they require. There are no long-term retainers or drawn out commitments. We keep our clients' campaigns targeted and vitalized by treating each campaign as a new assignment rather than an extension of existing efforts. We are always infusing new direction and enthusiasm into our clients' campaigns by constantly reviewing their campaigns, and offering new input into their advertising efforts.

Our clients' campaigns have one common denominator -- effective, affordable & positive results! There is no substitute for success!

Gaskell Media Management:

  • Advertising

  • Experts in electronic media placement, television, radio and cable placement

  • Pre-buy planning

  • Post-buy analysis

  • Media negotiation and placement

  • Audience forecast estimates

  • Reach and frequency analyses

  • Opportunistic media placement

  • Affidavit checking, verification and billing

  • Invoice reconciliation

  • Schedule maintenance

  • Special rating & audience reports (like Prizm, Advo, & Maximizer)

  • Scarborough research data

Additional Services

  • Media Negotiations

  • Public Relations

  • Consumer Marketing

  • Creative Services

  • Commercial Syndication


Gaskell Media Management will help you get the
most for your advertising dollars!

Our many years of experience in the advertising industry
provides us with the expertise to know which form of media
will best suit the advertising needs of your company.

Gaskell Media Management has the knowledge, resources and industry contacts to tailor your campaign to meet your needs, your budget, and your audience.

  • Your advertising campaign may include cable television,
    broadcast television, the internet, radio, print, direct mail, and
    outdoor (such as stationary and moving billboards).
  • GMM will also provide additional bonus opportunities including news and weather sponsorships, and value-added promotions.
  • When used successfully, each medium can make a distinctive contribution to your advertising campaign.
  • GMM acts as your negotiator between your business and
    various advertising opportunities.


By cultivating a cutting-edge creative strategy for your
company, Gaskell Media Management will help you get the best return on your marketing dollars, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Our experienced staff will guide you through the decision
    making process while implementing your media campaign from start to finish.
  • GMM will develop your advertising campaign to be
    concentrated, appropriate, and cost-effective.
  • Our negotiating skills can improve both the quality and
    effectiveness of your media pricing and placement.


We believe in our clients!


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