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Mary Loncharich Gaskell, President

Barbara Puffer, Vice President Public Relations


Mary Loncharich Gaskell, President

Mary Loncharich Gaskell is the driving force behind Gaskell Media Management. She has wide experience and knowledge of media buying and production in Connecticut. A graduate of Northwestern University, Mary's diverse background began at Seventeen Magazine in New York, where as Senior Merchandising Coordinator, she produced the Annual Fall Trends Fashion Show, and traveled around the country working with retailers as a fashion coordinator and commentator. She also wrote and photographed the Seventeen Magazine Bulletin for retailers.

From there she was hired at CBS television as Director Creative Services for the CBS owned and operated stations. Two years later she moved to Chicago with CBS to work at WBBM-TV as a Marketing Executive in local sales, negotiating with major agencies as J. Walter Thompson, and bringing in new television business. In 1982 she moved back to New York to sell at WNEW-TV, which later became the flagship station of Fox Television, WNYW-TV.

In 1988, she retired to raise her children with her husband John. She returned to media when they opened Gaskell Media Management in Guilford, CT in 1993. Her media marketing expertise helped to expand their business, which included The Cochran Firm in New York, The Canine Fence Company for the Northeast, The Garden Center Group, as well as other high profile clients in Connecticut and around the country.



Barbara Puffer, Vice President Public Relations

Barbara works with Gaskell Media Management as a contributing PR consultant. She holds an MA in corporate and political communications from Fairfield University and a BA in journalism from the University of Bridgeport.

Barbara consults on public and media relations, public affairs and marketing issues for corporations and non-profit organizations. Her work covers all areas of communications and public relations such as: community relations, public relations planning, employee publications, account management, advertising and retail merchandising, employee and customer communications and media relations. Barbara has won numerous awards for her work.

Our philosophy

We believe in results!

There is no substitute for success. Through our negotiating ability, our marketing expertise and in-depth research, we guarantee our clients the best possible value for every advertising dollar we invest.

We believe in New England and Connecticut!

We are a locally owned and operated company. We have extensive North East regional expertise. Nobody knows New England, New York, or Connecticut media the way we do. We live there and negotiate there every day.

We believe in electronic media!

In an age when a better educated consumer is assailed daily with a barrage of messages, we believe in the proven efficiency and effectiveness of electronic advertising campaigns.

We believe in our clients!

We won’t go to work for a new client unless we can improve the quality and effectiveness of their media pricing and placement. We become partners with our clients – partners in their success.

MEDIA resources we provide for you

Gaskell Media Management is a total communications company. We offer marketing and public relations services, media campaign planning, negotiation and spot placement, and follow through (implementation, auditing and invoice reconciliation). Our reach is national, yet we are well connected in local media markets. We work with a number of creative agencies who provide video and audio production, website design and hosting.

Gaskell Media Management is your source for corporate, consumer, and community communications. We offer direction to leading creative sources. We have a portfolio of creative suppliers with whom we work.

  • We are more than an advertising agency
  • We are more than a media buying service

We are a marketing and media negotiating team with a core management group of professionals and specialists. Our team is highly experienced in:

  • Media negotiation
  • Campaign management
  • Media Research
  • Consumer marketing

We have the ability to provide all of these services very economically. Every portion of your advertising effort is given the maximum, in-depth circumspection.

Gaskell is ready to provide any or all of these media buying services to your business.


Just complete as much information as you want on the following online media buying survey and we will meet with you to discuss your advertising campaign. We will do a brief examination and summary of what we believe will make your advertising more effective and efficient.

If we think you're doing fine...we'll tell you. No time wasted.

If you would like us to improve your campaigns, use our expertise to increase your overall advertising effectiveness, and save you money, then we will discuss how we work, and how we get paid. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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