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Your “public relations” company in CONNECTICUT

Gaskell Media Management will introduce new products and fine-tune promotions for established clients in new ways. We “make it happen” in the news for you and your business. Gaskell Media Management delivers memorable and believable information to editors designed to create, enhance, and build your image.

Publicity generates new business and informs and communicates with existing customers. It will shape opinion, reinforce an image, and develop creditability. It is a spectacular enhancement to an advertising campaign.

Gaskell Media Management’s public relations group works with newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and cable systems placing information and generating excitement. Our skills include publicity, speech writing, newsletters, and executive action plans. We will target specific core audiences as well as reach for market fringes. The added benefit of public relations is a “third party endorsement”, i.e., if The New York Times says it’s so, it must be true!


Your “value-added” promotions company

At Gaskell Media Management we have daily communications with television and radio stations to take advantage of promotional events. These bring together national, regional, and local clients with similar goals and target audiences. The industry term for this is “value-added”!

Gaskell Media Management’s staff is experienced in all aspects of co-op advertising. We use co-op to enhance budgets and stretch campaigns for our clients. Opportunistic buys take advantage of highly volatile market conditions and are custom designed to fit our clients’ needs. We also create our own award winning promotions to enhance our customers’ advertising campaigns.

We are well known specialists in the New England area and the country for value-added and promotional advertising. Many of our value-added cross promotions have set sales records, broadened geographical trade areas and created new consumer awareness – all within a budgetary framework established by our clients.

Gaskell Media Management can make these “value-added” promotions work for you while extending your advertising dollar.




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